Let’s Go


Life sucks sometimes.

But it’s still awesome.

I’ve had a rough go these past few months, suffering from Australia withdrawals. Yup. I only lived there for a year and have been back a few months, but you can imagine it’s been a drastic change. I can’t describe in words how hard it has been leaving my home away from home, leaving my family, the pain I feel inside… so I’m not even gonna try.

One day I heard a God whisper.

Let go.


I heard Him. He didn’t have to say it twice. For a while I had tried everything else but letting go… But as soon as I started to let go, freedom entered. And a series of revelations began.

Then I got to thinking for those of you who are also trying to let go of something good that God has called you to let go of. Here’s what I’ve come to find. It’s simple, yet so meaningful.

Letting go doesn’t mean what you had never happened.
Letting go doesn’t mean it’s lost forever.
Letting go doesn’t mean you don’t care anymore.
Letting go doesn’t mean you are strong.
Letting go doesn’t mean you’ve lost.

Letting go means trusting God with everything in you.
Letting go means surrendering your life once again.
Letting go reassures He is in complete control.
Letting go reassures He is your ultimate comfort and healer.
Letting go reassures He has already won.

He has already won.
You have already won.

In this time of letting go, don’t be cast down, don’t be hopeless. You have Jesus. You have everything you need, right now. Though it’s hard and people may not understand, though you may not understand, continue to trust Him and continue to let go.

Let’s keep walking with God. Let’s keep going where He leads. Let’s keep being obedient, even in the hard times. Let’s keep giving all we have.

Let’s go.



Some like to say that home is wherever family is near
But sometimes even that’s hard to hear
Especially in the midst of change
When things obviously aren’t the same

I may know your history
But it doesn’t mean I know your story
I may know where you come from
But it doesn’t mean I know where you call home
You may not know either

What is home? A place, a person, a feeling?
What do you think?

We may all have different definitions
Even then, are we sure?

For me, home is wherever there is love
Honest and pure

So when I feel uncomfortable
When I feel out of place
When I don’t feel “at home”
I look out for love, honest and pure
And every time I find that it is not far
It’s actually right here

I can either choose to let it in
Or I can choose to reject it

Oh I pray that I may always have some kind of home
And I pray you do too

Journey Called Life


I find myself every now and then
Laughing when I think of all the places I have been

How did that happen?
I’m still left flabbergasted

The ventures

The trips

The staying put

What’s it all about?

Each place has its own story
Several actually
And to be given an opportunity to be part of those stories?
How… what?…

I’ll begin to see eventually
I’ll begin to put things together

At least for right now, I know there are stories being written
And I selfishly want to be part of all of them
But can I be unselfish and pay some attention to my own?
Well that doesn’t make sense… or does it?…

I will keep on giving what I have been given
And start learning from those beside me

Until this journey ends
And it’s time to leave

I Know Why


Why do I have to leave?
Oh why do I have to leave?
I’m not so sure if I’m doing the right thing
I know it’s gonna be the hardest move I’ll ever make
And as I sit here with you
I know why I have to

But no one told me that the pain would get worse
No one told me to swallow my own words

I’ve never felt this kind of aching before
I almost wished I hadn’t opened these doors

Oh why did I have to leave?
Why did I have to leave?
I’m not so sure if I did the right thing
It’s been the hardest move I’ve ever had to make
And as I sit here without you
I know why I had to

Sleepless in Texas


Here I’m left
Sleepless in Texas
But still I dream out here in the country
This place I know so well
Yet I’m beginning to find I don’t know it at all
Is that what this season will be like?
Oh I pray all these stars at night be big and bright deep within my heart
I pray I make it through with scars
I know who You are
I know who I am
Let’s keep walking this desert land

I Choose Love


There’s more than meets the eye
Even more that meets my mind
I’m not right all the time

I know what I think
I know what I believe
But not always

I’m never 100% sure about most things
But I choose to believe what’s inside me
What’s been planted a seed
By someone greater than me

One thing I know is Love
Even then I don’t know the half of it
Even then I think I do

But I’m only a young girl, living on this earth
I haven’t a notion of all Love is worth

What’s Love like in heaven?

Since I was seven, I’ve heard about it
Since I was seven, I began to feel it
Since I was seven, I’ve chosen Love

And I still do

From Glory to Glory


Year one at Hillsong College has been completed. Or has it? In these next few months, I will be trying to digest what I have learned, and what all has happened. I mean, I don’t know if anything is ever fully a hundred percent completed. At least not till Jesus comes back. So much carries on even still. And with a school like Hillsong College, things that I have learned will carry on in and through my life forever.

So what now? Haha. You tell me. We are taking this next season step by step, day by day and I will keep following where His Spirit leads. And for now He has led me back to Texas.

Of course I am excited and happy to be back, but you and I know this will not be easy. And that is ok. :)

The challenge for me is to be present in every moment, to enjoy where I am right here right now, and to not think I am missing out over there in Sydney. Truth is I want to go back one day. Is that just my selfish heart or a strong desire God has put in my heart? Not sure yet. And then if I were to go back, could it be soon or in a couple years? Too many questions already.

Here is the main truth: God is with me wherever I go (Joshua 1.) And that is what I am holding on to.

I think when we go from glory to glory, becoming more like Jesus, maybe sometimes we think one season is the “glory” season and another season is the “to” season, leading us to the next “glory.” What if we’re always in glory?..

When we have surrendered our lives to Jesus Christ, when we are walking with Him daily, we cannot help but become more like Him.

“But when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” – 2 Corinthians 3:16-18

So much gold in this verse.

This past year at Hillsong, I thought it was my “glory” season and I thought the season leading up to Hillsong was my “to” season. But as I look back, it was all glory… just different degrees. And now that I am back in the states, I know this ain’t a “to” season. No. This is another degree of glory. I am constantly changing and transforming into His image. There is no escaping that and I never want to escape it.

There is no pause.

There is no slowing down.

Yes there may be “wilderness” or “desert” times or bumps along the way, but even still, if not even more, God can make you more and more like Him.

From glory to glory.

All for His glory.