She forgets to wipe the sand off her feet And to everyone she meets She forgets they can see past her big brown eyes Though she still tries to hide in the light It’s no surprise she can’t hide for long… There’s no hiding what’s in her heart There’s no hiding her scars There’s no […]

Sleepless in Sydney

Sleepless in Sydney At least she still dreams As I move my feet to my own little world But I’m no city girl I’m still learning her ways, still learning her face Still learning how to play along to the songs in her head Oh I’ve dreamt of this before In a distant sleep I […]

This Dancing Water

My eyes absorb all shades of blue My ears welcome the calm collisions I feel the wind run its fingers through my hair My toes in the sand cause the sweetest friction What else can I do but stretch my arms out wide? What else can I feel than the purest peace inside? How is […]


Things will not be the same There will be all sorts of change But still You remain my loving Father who called me in the first place Still You remain my steady, my patience, my surprise And with Your eyes I see a whole new world Though the earth is still earth The skies are […]

No Turning Back

I see the finish line The purple sky on the other side And to be honest I’m terrified I’m scared of the greatness ahead Of all I leave behind To know for sure this time There’s no going back Everything moves forward Progression will be my best friend And I’m ok with that Just terrified […]


JOY This helps me through the trials Through the tears and fear This keeps me going Though I don’t always know where This is my song in the night that escapes into the day And forever I choose to sing… You are my joy


Comfort is my friend Comfort is my enemy Comfort is the thin spaces that keep me going Comfort is the thick pavers that slow me Comfort is my devotion Comfort is my distraction Comfort wraps me up so tenderly Comfort buries me in apathy What a mad man I am How do I choose the […]