I like comfort.

Automatically I think of wrapping myself in a huge fluffy comforter, putting on a classic romantic comedy, eating popcorn with a pickle, and drinking a root beer. I don’t usually do this but it sounds amazing and I want to do it soon…

See, there it is already.

I have become so stuck in comfort lately that I have been spiritually debilitated. Life has become crazy and stressful, therefore I’ve been yearning for comfort. But instead of turning to God, I have been turning to food, sleep, music, technology, my couch…. None of these things are bad in itself, but what is bad is that they have taken the place of God in my life.

When I have a rough day and I fill myself with pizza, instead of turning to God…
When I am feeling lazy and choose to sleep in, instead of turning to God…
When I want to escape the world and get lost in music, instead of turning to God…
When I search for answers and look up inspirational blogs, instead of turning to God…
When I am restless and lay on my couch, instead of turning to God…

When I do all these things instead of turning to God above all else, I choose the wrong comfort. I choose disobedience.

This comfort does not give me rest, it only pauses my stress and worry. It does not give me peace, it only disrupts my thoughts even more.

May I find true comfort in Christ. May I begin to walk again in obedience by His Spirit, and to not gratify the desires of my flesh. May I set my mind on the things of His Spirit, that I may desire what He desires. For His glory and for the sake of the world.

Arise o sleeper! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!



Comfort is my friend
Comfort is my enemy
Comfort is the thin spaces that keep me going
Comfort is the thick pavers that slow me
Comfort is my devotion
Comfort is my distraction
Comfort wraps me up so tenderly
Comfort buries me in apathy

What a mad man I am
How do I choose the right comfort?

Let’s Go


Life sucks sometimes.

But it’s still awesome.

I’ve had a rough go these past few months, suffering from Australia withdrawals. Yup. I only lived there for a year and have been back a few months, but you can imagine it’s been a drastic change. I can’t describe in words how hard it has been leaving my home away from home, leaving my family, the pain I feel inside… so I’m not even gonna try.

One day I heard a God whisper.

Let go.


I heard Him. He didn’t have to say it twice. For a while I had tried everything else but letting go… But as soon as I started to let go, freedom entered. And a series of revelations began.

Then I got to thinking for those of you who are also trying to let go of something good that God has called you to let go of. Here’s what I’ve come to find. It’s simple, yet so meaningful.

Letting go doesn’t mean what you had never happened.
Letting go doesn’t mean it’s lost forever.
Letting go doesn’t mean you don’t care anymore.
Letting go doesn’t mean you are strong.
Letting go doesn’t mean you’ve lost.

Letting go means trusting God with everything in you.
Letting go means surrendering your life once again.
Letting go reassures He is in complete control.
Letting go reassures He is your ultimate comfort and healer.
Letting go reassures He has already won.

He has already won.
You have already won.

In this time of letting go, don’t be cast down, don’t be hopeless. You have Jesus. You have everything you need, right now. Though it’s hard and people may not understand, though you may not understand, continue to trust Him and continue to let go.

Let’s keep walking with God. Let’s keep going where He leads. Let’s keep being obedient, even in the hard times. Let’s keep giving all we have.

Let’s go.



Some like to say that home is wherever family is near
But sometimes even that’s hard to hear
Especially in the midst of change
When things obviously aren’t the same

I may know your history
But it doesn’t mean I know your story
I may know where you come from
But it doesn’t mean I know where you call home
You may not know either

What is home? A place, a person, a feeling?
What do you think?

We may all have different definitions
Even then, are we sure?

For me, home is wherever there is love
Honest and pure

So when I feel uncomfortable
When I feel out of place
When I don’t feel “at home”
I look out for love, honest and pure
And every time I find that it is not far
It’s actually right here

I can either choose to let it in
Or I can choose to reject it

Oh I pray that I may always have some kind of home
And I pray you do too

Journey Called Life


I find myself every now and then
Laughing when I think of all the places I have been

How did that happen?
I’m still left flabbergasted

The ventures

The trips

The staying put

What’s it all about?

Each place has its own story
Several actually
And to be given an opportunity to be part of those stories?
How… what?…

I’ll begin to see eventually
I’ll begin to put things together

At least for right now, I know there are stories being written
And I selfishly want to be part of all of them
But can I be unselfish and pay some attention to my own?
Well that doesn’t make sense… or does it?…

I will keep on giving what I have been given
And start learning from those beside me

Until this journey ends
And it’s time to leave

I Know Why


Why do I have to leave?
Oh why do I have to leave?
I’m not so sure if I’m doing the right thing
I know it’s gonna be the hardest move I’ll ever make
And as I sit here with you
I know why I have to

But no one told me that the pain would get worse
No one told me to swallow my own words

I’ve never felt this kind of aching before
I almost wished I hadn’t opened these doors

Oh why did I have to leave?
Why did I have to leave?
I’m not so sure if I did the right thing
It’s been the hardest move I’ve ever had to make
And as I sit here without you
I know why I had to